E-Cigarette Use Doubled

Results are in: more than twice the number of people were using electronic cigarettes in 2018 than in 2017. The momentum has started and it looks like no matter what happens legislatively, there is now a strong constituency that will fight for their right to use ecigs instead of tobacco. There are still many people who are anxious about the lack of regulation of ecigarettes, but proponents and fans are increasing. Add to that the fact that tobacco companies are now working to get their piece of the ever-expanding market, and we’re going to see big money behind the protection of the availability of electronic cigarettes.

Center for Disease Control Numbers

The study that shows this dramatic increase was conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), in an effort to see just how widespread the use of ecigarettes has become. The CDC is also using the information to encourage legislators to act on any pending or draft legislation. The CDC warns that the lack of oversight, sufficient studies on effects, and regulation is not a good thing. And they pointed out that the longer they wait, the harder it’ll be for regulators to do anything serious to restrict or reduce electronic cigarette sale and use.

Good News for Vapers?

For vapers, this probably sounds like good news. While nobody wants to see kids starting out with electronic cigarettes because they think it’s safe, there are also more reasonable ways to control ecigarettes that will still allow adults to choose them if they would like to. The use of nicotine as a stimulant has been compared to caffeine, which is an entirely unregulated chemical with known negative effects as well as benefits.

End of Acting in the Dark

And of course there’s the fact that this will draw more attention and inspire more people to study the effects of ecigs. So far, the debate about whether or not they are dangerous, pose less of a health threat than tobacco cigarettes, or are a reasonable substitute for smokers, has been mired in a dark grey area. There have been very few studies on the short and long term effects of vaping, and almost none that compare the effects of vaping to smoking tobacco. Hopefully with so many people learning about and using electronic cigarettes, we’ll see an increase in helpful and realistic studies.